1948 Cleveland Browns 1948 Cleveland Browns: Americas Original Undefeated Team

Yes ladies and gentlemen, you read that right, the 1948 Cleveland Browns (not the 1972 Miami Dolphins) are America‘s first undefeated and untied professional football team.  I thought I would break out of my shell and talk about a team that had to take a cheap shot from a fan that in his will took a cheap shot at one of America’s most historic teams.

Now I know there are going to be a lot of people that discredit the twice in a lifetime feat, but there is always somebody that is closed minded and looks at everything threw their delusional self-centered glasses.  There is the argument that the Dolphins had to go 16-0 while the Browns just had to go 14-0, well where does that leave the Patriots who went 18-0 until they lost in the Super Bowl??  Some will throw out the competition level was harder for the 1972 Dolphins, but once again the competition for the 2007 Patriots was even fiercer.  So how about we put ALL the delusional goggles down and let’s call an ACE an ACE and a SPADE a SPADE, the 1948 Cleveland Browns was Americans first professional football team to have the perfect season and the 1972 Miami Dolphins were that other team to go undefeated.

There was a lot of hype around that 1948 Cleveland Browns team.  Coming off back-to-back championships, this team was built to make a run at a perfect season.  With runs like the 1946 Cleveland Browns (12-2-0) and the 1947 Cleveland Browns (12-1-1), why would anything less than a perfect season be tolerated?

Who was on this PERFECT roster?  Here was the 1948 Cleveland Browns:


1948 Cleveland Browns roster







Head Coach


Rookies in italics (5) 36 Active, 0 Inactive

AAFC Eastern Division
Western Division

For those who thought the competition was weak and that is why the Browns went undefeated, maybe you should do a little research.  Entering week 13 of that 1948 season, the Browns and the 49ers combined for a 23-1 record (49ers only loss came to the Browns earlier in the season), this task has never been duplicated nor has it ever been beaten.  To the ordinary fan, no you might think there was no talent and might not of heard of these players, but for me – these were some of the best days in football and helped create a foundation in football that has been unbreakable.

The Cleveland Browns went on to go 10-1-2 in 1949 and win their fourth straight championship.  From 1946 to 1949 the Cleveland Browns dominated the league with a 54-4-3 record, winning four straight championships and went on to win four more between 1950 and 1964.   This dominance ultimately hurt the Browns.  Even with the league taking players from the Browns and distributing to other teams, the Browns remained the most dominant team in football and eventually led to the merger that we know today as the NFL.

Now that I have had the chance to get that off my chest, the next time someone wants to take the “Browns” to the Super Bowl or have the Browns be a pallbearer so they can be let down one more time, just remember this – they are America’s first UNDEFEATED and UNTIED team in football history.


Here was a look at their 1948 season, a run at perfection:

Week Date Opponent Results Stadium Attendance
Score Record
1 September 3, 1948 Los Angeles Dons W 19–14 1–0 Cleveland Stadium 60,193
2 September 12, 1948 at Buffalo Bills W 42–13 2–0 War Memorial Stadium 35,340
3 September 17, 1948 at Chicago Rockets W 28–7 3–0 Soldier Field 30,874
4 September 26, 1948 Chicago Rockets W 41–21 4–0 Cleveland Stadium 37,190
5 October 5, 1948 at Baltimore Colts W 14–10 5–0 Memorial Stadium 22,359
6 October 10, 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers W 30–17 6–0 Cleveland Stadium 31,187
7 October 17, 1947 Buffalo Bills W 31–14 7–0 Cleveland Stadium 28,054
8 October 24, 1948 New York Yankees W 35–7 8–0 Cleveland Stadium 46,912
9 November 7, 1948 Baltimore Colts W 28–7 9–0 Cleveland Stadium 32,313
10 November 14, 1948 San Francisco 49ers W 14–7 10–0 Cleveland Stadium 82,769
11 November 21, 1948 at New York Yankees W 34–21 11–0 Yankee Stadium 52,518
12 November 25, 1948 at Los Angeles Dons W 31–14 12–0 Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum 60,031
13 November 28, 1948 at San Francisco 49ers W 31–28 13–0 Kezar Stadium 59,785
14 December 5, 1948 at Brooklyn Dodgers W 31–21 14–0 Ebbets Field 9,821
 1948 Cleveland Browns: Americas Original Undefeated Team