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NFL players not allowed to drive vehciles


lynch dui NFL players not allowed to drive vehciles

Every year there is someones name who shows up that has been arrested for DWI or DUI. It disgust me, these players think there above the law. I get to share a list of names of the players who were caught. Unfortunately there is probably players who don’t get caught. So far in the 2012 season we have 15 players caught with chargers in DUI or DWI. Yes, 15 how on earth is this possible. These guys are role models, these are the guys kids look up to. I don’t understand how a player can’t get a ride home from the team which is provided for them. They could also go another route, TWITTER!!! Dont be ashamed,  say I’m looking for a ride home this evening. I’ll sign a jersey for whoever takes me to my neighborhood. Most LOYAL fans would jump all over this opportunity...

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The Missing RB and Ordering The Rebuild

Peyton Manning dealt with it and now Andrew Luck is dealing with it.

Edgerrin James The Missing RB and Ordering The RebuildThe Indianapolis Colts have been struggling for years to find Edgerrin James’ replacement. Joseph Addai was supposed to be that but he turned out to be the extremely poor man’s version of the Edge. Flashes of greatness from time to time kept people believing in Addai, starting with his back to back 1,000 yard seasons when he entered the league.

Addai never could make that step to the next level, to the league of elite running backs. James could run, catch and get into the end zone. Addai could run occasionally, catch occasionally and find the end zone as a last resort for the offence.

 The Missing RB and Ordering The Rebuild

Joseph Addai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Donald Brown and Vick Ballard are perfect examples to the level of importance that Indianapolis ...

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Battle of the NFC East’s Hopeful: Giants vs. Redskins Preview

image 754 Battle of the NFC Easts Hopeful: Giants vs. Redskins Preview

The Washington Redskins wearing their throwback uniforms gather at the line of scrimmage against the Giants. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each and every year, the NFC East is touted as one of the most talented and toughest conferences in the NFL. And each and every year at least one team disappoints. This year every team except 2011’s last place Redskins have disappointed us in one way or another. Three of the four teams currently sit under .500, and the last place Eagles have been battling the Tebow-less Jets for biggest bust of the year. The Cowboys have under-performed yet again, managing only five wins with a plethora of talent on the roster. This leaves us with our week 13 matchup: the New York (Football) Giants vs. the Washington Redskins.

The Giants have had a roller coaster of a y...

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Week 13 NFL Picks

Week 13 NFL Picks


New Orleans (5-6) vs. Atlanta (10-1)

The last time these two met in the Superdome, New Orleans had the upper hand handing Atlanta it’s only defeat this season thus far. Well guess what? I for see loss number two coming tonight in upsetville.

New Orleans 31 Atlanta 24

Jacksonville (2-9) vs. Buffalo (4-7)

Two equally bad teams playing against one another does not bode well for accurate predictions. I have to hand it Jacksonville as of late. Their late season surge is being noticed, even if they only have a two win season thus far. Alas, I still have to take Jacksonville in this one in a squeaker in upstate NY.

Jacksonville 24 Buffalo 17

Seattle (6-5) vs. Chicago (8-3)

Chicago sitting atop the NFC North with everyone clipping at their heels puts a lot of pressure on...

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Russell Wilson is a must sit in Fantasy Football [Quick Take]

r. wilson Russell Wilson is a must sit in Fantasy Football [Quick Take]

With the regular season coming to an end. It’s time to prepare for fantasy football playoffs. You might say people have said all year don’t go with Wilson. But now is really the time to bench him and put in someone like Chad Henne or Jay Cutler. Wilson will go up against number 1 defense Chicago which if you need to win to get into playoffs this won’t help you. Then if you make it into playoffs your looking at Arizona, Buffalo, and San Francisco. Your looking at number 8 defense and number 4 in the championship. That’s rough, not to mention the team only does well at home. So if you get the chance look ahead and look to replace him. No reason to come this far and not finish strong.

Chris Heil

 Russell Wilson is a must sit in Fantasy Football [Quick Take]
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NHL Unsung Heroes: Buffalo Sabres Nathan Gerbe

5583759209 90d984cf46 t NHL Unsung Heroes: Buffalo Sabres Nathan Gerbe

Photo: Bridget Samuels/Flickr

**This is a weekly NHL feature here at It’s Puckin Hockey.**

Every team, every game, has a hero. In hockey there’s usually more than one hero per team. Some like Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Alex Ovechkin and even Steven Stamkos are always at the top of the headlines, appearing in numerous All Star games and Olympic events. Others go about the business of trying to win games for their team without much fanfare. This week’s “Unsung Hero” is the Buffalo Sabres Nathan Gerbe.

When you think of Buffalo the names you’re most likely to recognize are Ryan Miller, Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville. Gerbe’s a great player in his own right though, producing 25 points and a plus-2 rating in just 62 games last season. Back in 2010-2011 Gerbe put up 31 points...

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Week 13 Fantasy Football QB Ranking

This is my QB rankings for week 13


image 568 Week 13 Fantasy Football QB Ranking

  1. RGIII vs NYG
  2. Peyton Manning vs TB
  3. Aaron Rodgers vs MN
  4. Matt Ryan vs NO
  5. Drew Brees at ATL
  6. Mattew Stafford vs IND
  7. Tom Brady at MIA
  8. Andrew Luck at DET
  9. Eli Manning at WSH
  10. Matthew Schaub vs TEN
  11. Cam Newton vs KC
  12. Andy Dalton vs SD
  13. Chad Henne vs NE
  14. Tony Romo vs PHI
  15. Josh Freeman at DEN
  16. Colin Kaepernick at STL
 Week 13 Fantasy Football QB Ranking
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New York Jets Unoffcial Captain Quits, Can You Blame Him?

image 573 New York Jets Unoffcial Captain Quits, Can You Blame Him?

Fireman Ed, superfan for the New York Jets, at a game in November 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you thought, it was bad for the New York Jets, it just got a lot worse. One of the most popular Jets fans “Fireman Ed” has officially retired his fireman hat and gear; he will still attend games just not in his trademark gear.

On Thanksgiving, the Jets were destroyed by the New England Patriots and apparently Fireman Ed had enough. He left the game early, and not only did he leave the game, but he closed his twitter account. At first glance, everyone made jokes claiming that he left the game due to the awful play of the Jets, I mean who could blame him? That was an awful display of football. It was later found out that he left because of the Jets fans.

We all know that New York can have som...

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NHL: “Operation Hat Trick” an All-Around Huge Hit

8215957170 4fa9a4b805 t NHL: Operation Hat Trick an All Around Huge Hit

Photo: Nicholas Dimichino/Flickr

Saturday night, in the midst of a seemingly never-ending lockout, some National Hockey League (NHL) players gathered to play a hockey game in front of fans for the first time in more than five months. Now I’m sure you’re asking “How’s that possible? Aren’t the players locked out? Did I miss something?” Well, you didn’t miss anything. This game was played for charity.

Organized by New York Rangers center Brad Richards and Philadelphia Flyers left wing Scott Hartnell and dubbed “Operation Hat Trick” the game took place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Approximately 32 NHL stars took part with all proceeds helping with the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. In the end Team New York beat Team Philly/New Jersey 10-6.  (Source: Fox Sports)


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Picking Them Out: Week 12 Predictions

nfl freeman ryan1 576 300x168 Picking Them Out: Week 12 Predictions

There are many games that have significant meaning this Sunday. All teams are scratching and clawing their way towards the playoffs right now. These last six weeks of the season will tell us a lot about each team’s character and ambition to be considered great. Usually the team playing their best football around this time of the year, makes the biggest push for the Super Bowl. The NFL is such an intriguing league, as one loss can really set a team back.

Some of the games that stand out this week are as follows:

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers – This is a NFC South divisional match up between a Bucs team that has won four in a row and five of their last six after starting 1-3, and a Falcons team that is 9-1 and has held the top record in the NFL all season.

Minnesota Vikings a...

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New York Knicks: Kings of NY, possible kings of the NBA

 New York Knicks: Kings of NY, possible kings of the NBAIf I was Spike Lee, I would be ecstatic right now.  The Knicks are kicking more butt than Bruce Lee did in Enter the dragon. Carmelo is back to his old ways. Jason Kidd has somehow managed to turn back the hands of time yet again, and there’s some guy named Steve Novak is shooting threes like crazy. No one truly knows what has lit the fire under their butts.  As I write this piece, the Knicks are sitting pretty at the top of the Atlantic with an 8-2 record. Hell, they went 6-0 through their first six games. At some points this season, the Knicks were reminding me of my NBA 2k13 team (25-1 with the Clippers). The biggest question that I’ve had this season is if losing Jeremy Lin was the best thing that could’ve happened to NY...

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New York Jets Mark Sanchez is a Game Manager, Nothing more

image 560 New York Jets Mark Sanchez is a Game Manager, Nothing more

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days when players are drafted, they are expected to perform immediately. They are held to a higher standard than they were 10-15 seasons ago. Especially quarterbacks. Let’s be honest most quarterbacks are not ready to take the field in their first, second and sometimes third season.

In the years before it was normal for quarterbacks to sit behind a veteran and learn, before they took the field. Now these days these young quarterbacks are expected to play right away and not just that, but to produce like crazy. Some experts say that it works both ways, for example, Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre in Green Bay and when he had the chance to play, he shined...

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Don’t Be So Quick to Forget: The Packers Are Quietly Doing Their Thing

Aaron+Rodgers+Jordy+Nelson+Green+Bay+Packers+N1ngMsDe2J8l 300x196 Don’t Be So Quick to Forget: The Packers Are Quietly Doing Their Thing

The Green Bay Packers were the preseason favorites to win the Super Bowl. They were also the number one ranked team by ESPN going into the first week of the season. These predictions weren’t coincidences, the Packers have been a top-notch team in the NFL these past few seasons.

Aaron Rodgers took over as starting quarterback in Green Bay in 2008, as he was Brett Favre’s successor. Rodgers and the Packers struggled in his first season as a starter, going only 6-10 and missing the playoffs. However, since then, they have been a force to be reckoned with. To go along with Rodgers great numbers year in and year out, the Packers have been consistently tough to deal with.

In 2009 they went 11-5 and lost a wildcard game to the Arizona Cardinals, who eventually represented the NFC in the Su...

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Rex Ryan Should be Thankful that he has Not been Fired…Yet

image 533 Rex Ryan Should be Thankful that he has Not been Fired...YetOn Thanksgiving, it is common to hear families or friends talk about what they are thankful for. It wouldn’t surprise me if Rex Ryan, who is the coach of the New York Jets is thankful for still having a job. However, how long will he be leading gang green? Only time will tell, this season in New York has been tough for him.

In 2012, Ryan has had his worse season as a head coach, with the record and with the personnel issues. Remember back in February when they brought Tim Tebow in, Rex Ryan said that he was excited to have Tebow on the roster, and he will bring exciting plays to the team, what Tebow can bring to the offense is special and something most players can’t do...

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Offensive Line, Where Art Thou?


colts offensive line Offensive Line, Where Art Thou?Oh Offensive Line, Where Art Thou?

#Coltstrong took a thrashing last week, there’s no two ways about it, but for those who watched the game and not just those who watched the highlights or read the articles you know that the game was much closer than the final score.

59-24 was the final when the 4th quarter ran down to zeros. Andrew Luck has been the King of all King’s for this team so far in 2012 but rookie mistakes led to big plays for the New England Patriots. Two pick-6’s and a fumble that led to a one-play TD for the Patriots highlighted the Colts QB’s day. Those three scores alone bring the total down to 38-24 and if you throw away the abomination on special teams that led to a NE score you’re left with 31-24. A very close game that saw Indy outplay New England in the first...

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Week 12 NFL Picks

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Jordan Sports fans across the globe! From my family to yours, I hope you have the best day ever!

With that being said, let’s get right to the early games and see who if any one is going down early.

Turkey Day Pics

Houston (9-1) vs. Detroit (4-6)

This is a tough Houston team that is facing a daunting Detroit squad who still does not know how it is. As much as I want to pull for the underdog here, I cant.

Houston 37 Detroit 24

Washington (4-6) vs. Dallas (5-5)

This is the second team that traditionally plays on Thanksgiving. The Cowboys are sitting at .500 and control their destiny. I think as bad as Shanahan and III want it, they will fall short this time.

Washington 17 Dallas 21

New England (7-3) vs. NY Jets (4-6)

A battle fo...

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The New York Jets DO Have Something’s to be Thankful For

The New York Jets have somethings to be thankful for, after all it could be worse this season.

Some might say that this weekend is their favorite time of the year. Fans get to watch football all day on Thursday, while they eat and spend time with their families. Every family will go around and say what they are thankful for. Well, let’s take that same idea and talk about the New York Jets and talk about what they have to be thankful for.

The idea of the New York Jets being thankful for many things could almost be laughable. After all they are having a season that everyone who loves the Jets wants to forget.

image 524 The New York Jets DO Have Somethings to be Thankful For

Mark Sanchez in his New York Jets uniform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You could trace this all the way back to February when they brought in one of the biggest distractions in the NFL, i...

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Can the Cleveland Browns be a thorn in the Pittsburgh Steelers side?

image 513 Can the Cleveland Browns be a thorn in the Pittsburgh Steelers side?

The Pittsburgh Steelers lineup against the Baltimore Ravens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After watching the Cleveland Browns lose a tough overtime game to the Dallas Cowboys, many wonder if they will be able to be a thorn in the Pittsburgh Steelers side.  The Browns took the Cowboys midway through overtime before giving up the game winning field goal.  A game that watched the Browns once again produce very little offense, but oddly enough they lost the game because of poor officiating.  Meanwhile we watched the Pittsburgh Steelers on primetime only score one touchdown in a 13-10 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

With the Steelers sitting 6-4 and barely holding onto a wildcard spot, this would be a must win for them...

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Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Thanksgiving Feast in the NFC South

untitled Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Thanksgiving Feast in the NFC SouthThanksgiving week in the NFL marks a time where players, coaches and fans give thanks to their family, friends and the playoff race. At this point in the season, the AFC has much more disparity than the NFC. Therefore, the playoff and wildcard races are much more intriguing in the NFC. This week, the 9-1 Falcons will visit the 6-4 Buccaneers for a division rivalry game. Other than the Texans, there aren’t any hotter teams in the NFL than these two NFC South contenders. The Buccaneers will look to keep their four-game winning streak alive as the Falcons attempt to start a new streak of their own.

Four weeks into the season the NFC South had a combined record of 6-10, with Atlanta holding four of those wins. The Panthers and Buccaneers were 1-3 and the Saints were a surprising 0-4...

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Week 12 Fantasy Football QB Rankings


tom brady Week 12 Fantasy Football QB RankingsHere is our latest Top 20 fantasy football rankings.

  1. Tom Brady @ NYJ
  2. Peyton Manning @KC
  3. Aaron Rodgers @NYG
  4. Robert Griffin III @DAL
  5. Andrew Luck vs BUF
  6. Drew Brees vs SF
  7. Cam Newton @ PHI
  8. Matt Ryan @ TB
  9. Tony Romo vs WAS
  10. Carson Palmer @ CIN
  11. Andy Dalton vs OAK
  12. Matthew Stafford vs HOU
  13. Josh Freeman vs ATL
  14. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ IND
  15. Matt Schaub @ DET
  16. Eli Manning vs GB
  17. Colin Kaepernick @ NO
  18. Russell Wilson @ MIA
  19. Chad Henne vs TEN
  20. Phillip Rivers vs BAL


By: Chris Hei



 Week 12 Fantasy Football QB Rankings
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