Tim Tebow After This Season; What is Next For Tim Tebow & The New York Jets? The New York Jets are going to try to do something that the Denver Broncos did less than a year ago, and that is trade Tim Tebow.

The Broncos were able to trade Tebow because of the exciting and positive season hey had, however, that is not the case this year. Tebow was a starting quarterback for the Broncos and was successful in the playoffs. This year the most he saw on the field was being a punt protector. So, good-luck New York.

We all know what Tebow doesn’t do well, being a pocket passer. However, I am here to tell you that he would be a great addiction to any team. Something that Tebow brings is his leadership, work ethic and his willing to win no matter what. He has been labeled as this player who brings so much attention; rightfully so. With his popularity brings tickets sales and promotion within. With that being said, Tebow could be successful in the right situation. Just imagine if Tebow had a great running game and a coach who loves to play fast and aggressive. To go on top of that a coach who loves for his quarterback to take off running with the ball. I don’t care what anyone says; when you have a quarterback who can run and make plays, they are harder to handle than the best pocket passer. Just think back to the Broncos vs. the Jets a few years back. The Jets had their receivers covered well on that final drive, and Tebow beat the playing “backyard football” there is a chance that Tebow could find him in a spot that is focused on his strengths not his weaknesses.

When it comes to trading Tebow, I fully expect the Jets to have no luck. Almost every team will stay away from him when they have to give someone or something up for him. However, when Tebow gets released, he will have teams looking at him. Then there is no risk involved. Let’s be honest Tebow could be great for an organization that needs that spark coming from their quarterback position. If you think of this past NFL season, there was a handful of teams that could use a guy like Tim Tebow.

Going forward into the off-season decisions for many teams, Tebow among other players will be on the radar. Who knows where Tebow will land or where he should land. One thing is for sure he is a polarizing icon for what he does off the field, and Tebow fans hope he just can prove it on the field has well.
The New York Jets have many decisions to make, now that Tebow is going to be gone in some fashion soon; the question is who they bring in for their quarterback situation. Do they have a chance to grab one of these top free agents, like a Mike Wallace, Greg Jennings or even a Matt Moore? These players would defiantly help with the struggling offense. Only time will tell, one thing is for sure they are at that point where one or two wrong decisions could take them the wrong way for years to come. While the right decisions could keep them in a fight for the division title as soon as next season.

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 After This Season; What is Next For Tim Tebow & The New York Jets?