joe montana Alex Smith the Answer at QB for Chiefs?Kansas City Chiefs are off to their best start since 2003 as they head into Nashville at 4-0 to battle the 3-1 Tennessee Titans. Many people are heaping praise upon the new quarterback, Alex Smith, and rightly so. He has played, for the most part, mistake free football dinking and dunking short passes for four games straight now and relying on one of the league’s best defenses. 4-0 is great, but that’s what the Arizona Cardinals thought as well last season before crumbling right before our very eyes. I do not see the Chiefs crumbling, however, I do have concerns about the offense and Alex Smith in particular.

The shockingly rare downfield targets that Alex Smith has thrown have been highly inaccurate. To win a Super Bowl I believe you need a QB that can make every NFL throw and push the ball down the field or a top 5 defense in NFL history! The Kansas City Chiefs have neither. Yes, their defense has amazed me at how well they are playing and could end 2013 as a top 5 defense, but a top 5 defense of all-time, they are not. Alex Smith is a leader, smart, mobile, and within 15 yards he is very accurate. You will not beat the best teams in this league by dinking and dunking the ball all game. At some point Peyton Manning or Tom Brady are going to make “that throw” where every ones jaw drops as they just put your dinking and dunking offense out of its misery.

Franchise quarterbacks do not grow on trees, but when was the last time the Chiefs made an aggressive move to bring one in? 1983 with Todd Blackledge? 1993 with Joe Montana? ……. Steve Bono, Elvis Grbac, Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle, Matt Cassel, and now Alex Smith. Someone else’s garbage is supposed to be Kansas City’s “savior”. I didn’t forget Trent Green and yes, he was a very good quarterback, but he did have the best offensive line, tight end, fullback, and running back in the NFL so I can’t say he was a franchise guy. Look at the teams that have won Super Bowls since 1999: 2012 – Ravens – Drafted Joe Flacco, 2011 – New York Giants – Drafted Eli Manning, 2010 – Green Bay Packers – Drafted Aaron Rodgers, 2009 – New Orleans Saints – Signed Drew Brees in free agency where he led one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history while shattering Dan Marino’s passing records, 2008 – Pittsburgh Steelers – Drafted Ben Roethlisberger, 2007 – New York Giants again, 2006 – Indianapolis Colts – Drafted Peyton Manning, 2005 – Pittsburgh Steelers again, 2004 – New England Patriots – Drafted Tom Brady, 2003 – New England Patriots again, 2002 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Top 5 defense in NFL history, 2001 – New England Patriots again, 2000 – Baltimore Ravens – Top 5 defense in NFL History, and 1999 – St. Louis Rams – Top 5 offense in NFL history. Nowhere on that list do you see game manager quarterback without a top 5 defense in NFL history!

Maybe Alex Smith can break that trend, but I highly doubt it. We either need to find a way to make this a top 5 defense of all-time or get ourselves a franchise quarterback who can make every NFL throw. Alex has a lot of the tools you’re looking for, but lack of being able to connect on passes further than 15 yards downfield makes it hard to sustain drives without the big play every once in awhile. I’m tired of seeing a lot of the teams out there sell out and do everything they can to get a franchise quarterback while the Chiefs shop the bargain bin at Wal-Mart to select theirs. It’s time for our Joe Montana, our Peyton Manning, our Andrew Luck and we’re way overdue for another Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory! Alex is a very good game manager, but we deserve better at the most important position in the game than settling for a game manager.


 Alex Smith the Answer at QB for Chiefs?