Danny Amendola Are The Patriots In Trouble? Nah...I Wouldnt Bet Against ThemTo say that the Patriots have had a rocky off-season is an understatement. They lost Wes Welker to a rival AFC team and many NFL analysts have said that Danny Amendola is a “poor man’s” Wes Welker. The Patriot’s fabulous TE Gronk/Hernandez duo is no more. Rob Gronkowski is coming off his fifth surgery and he is a huge question mark to start the season. And the Patriots released Hernandez on the same day he was convicted of murder. But if anyone can overcome adversity, it’s Bill Belichich. Not to mention owner Robert Kraft, who doesn’t mess around.  They handled the Hernandez tragedy very well and responded to the media very respectfully. And then there’s QB Tom Brady. One of the best quarterbacks in the league and probably of all time. Brady is 35 and still throws the ball like he’s 25. With the best accuracy of any QB.

Tim Tebow Are The Patriots In Trouble? Nah...I Wouldnt Bet Against ThemNow, what about Tim Tebow? Where does he fit in? He’s not much of a QB cause his throwing skills are not quite up to par, even for a backup. But he’s fast and has proven to be a great athlete.  Will the Patriots use him for 3rd, 4th, or red zone situations and possibly 2 pt. conversations? Or will they prep him to replace one their TE’s? The Tebow factor is still a mystery in New England. He’s very likable, but an overly hyped, overly publicized, non entity. Too much of a distraction if you ask me.

I don’t think that there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind that the Patriots won’t win the AFC East. It’s a very easy division and once again the Patriots have a seemingly easy schedule. The question isn’t will they make the playoffs, but how far in the playoffs with they go? Especially with Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos trying to steal the show. And the Broncos have a new familiar cast member.

But, if I was a betting person, I wouldn’t bet against The New England Patriots. Cause if there’s ever a team that could pull a rabbit out of a hat, it’s them. Except of course if they’re playing the NY Giants in the Super Bowl.

- Stefie Cohen

 Are The Patriots In Trouble? Nah...I Wouldnt Bet Against Them