Best Value Picks From the 2013 Draft


In a draft most experts are calling weak, some selections stood out as potentially brilliant moves that will be remember for decades to come.  Some teams got more value for their pick than others, and here are some of the best, in no particular order.


Trey Burke To the Utah Jazz

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In a trade that left me screaming at my TV, the Minnesota Timberwolves traded the ninth overall pick (Trey Burke) for the 14th and 21st pick from the Utah Jazz. While the Timberwolves got a good deal and were able to fill their needs, the Jazz did the same while acquiring one of the few players who could have star power. The Jazz got great value for their two original first round picks, as they had no need for a small-forward or center. With Mo Williams opting to test the free-agent waters, the Jazz needed to find their starting point-guard for the future and appear to have done just that. Often overlooked due to his short stature relatively speaking, Burke has a chip on his shoulder and his skill will allow Jazz fans to be able to overlook any physical disadvantages he possess. Burke has a good mindset, is a leader and is not afraid of big moments (as we saw in the NCAA tournament), and should be a star for the Jazz.


Shabazz Muhammad Traded to the Minnesota Timberwolves

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Once a high-school phenom with first overall pick hopes, Shabazz Muhammad slid to the last pick in the lottery, where the Utah Jazz selected him and traded him to the Timberwolves. Although the concerns are valid, Muhammad is one of the most competitive players in this draft, as well as one of the hardest workers. One reason that Muhammad slid is due to the fact that he is 20, despite his father saying he was 19 before he was caught in the lie. Now Muhammad is ready to move past that debacle, and continue to light opposing defenders up. Shabazz Muhammad has gone from one of the most overrated players to one of the most underrated in the course of just one year. Most of the tumble cannot be attributed to how Muhammad played, as he is what was expected of him. Muhammad has and always will be a scorer, and at UCLA he lead the Bruins in scoring with 18 a contest. Muhammad has a lot of flaws in his game, including ball-handling and defense, but should be able to salvage a role with the Timberwolves as a scorer. Muhammad has terrific range and height at the shooting-guard spot, which is exactly what the Wolves needed.


Cleveland Cavaliers Draft Sergey Karasev

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If you are one of the many casual NBA fans who saw Sergey Karasev’s name be called and thought “Oh another European player taken out of the lottery who won’t play,” you will be taken by storm by what Sergey Karasev can do. A lottery talent, Karasev was one of the biggest steals in the draft and the Cleveland Cavaliers could not resist. Karasev is NBA ready, and has a jump shot that extends to the three point line, something that should translate well to the NBA game. He is limited athletically, but makes up for it in quickness and ball handling.


Memphis Grizzlies Draft Jamaal Franklin
 Best Value Picks In The 2013 NBA Draft
Jamaal Franklin the steal of the draft. It is inexcusable that Franklin was passed up 41 times before finally being selected by the Memphis Grizzlies. If you don’t follow small schools, this young prospect is a hidden gem that was supposed to go in the lottery. Instead he fell out of the first round altogether  leaving the Grizzlies with an excellent player. If you’re not sure what Jamaal Franklin, think Royce White without all of the mental, emotional and off the court issues. Franklin was the only player to lead his team in points, rebounds, assists and steals this year and is truly the best all-around player in this draft.  Franklin is very athletic, can finish in transition and is an energy player who could turn into a Kawhi Leonard type of player.
Trading Nerlens Noel For Jrue Holliday
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In a draft devoid of stars, the newly named Pelicans found one in All-Star point guard Jrue Holliday. The Pelicans traded sixth overall pick Nerlens Noel, who will not likely even play until December, for a proven star. This move is hands-down the best move in the draft, and with a young nucleus of Holliday, Greveis Vasquez (who at 6’6 should be able to transition to shooting-guard just fine), Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis could make a playoff run soon.
Sacramento Kings Draft Ben McLemore
 Best Value Picks In The 2013 NBA Draft
The Sacramento Kings made a move that will make them look brilliant, but it was an obvious choice. Still, Ben McLemore is the best player in this draft in many experts’ opinions, was in consideration for the number one pick. When Ben McLemore fell all the way to the seventh pick, many were stunned, including LeBron James who tweeted that people were “sleeping on Ben McLemore” and to “just watch.” McLemore has NBA caliber athleticism, and is one of the best shooting prospects in this draft. McLemore should be able to fill Tyreke Evans’ shoes should he decide to bolt via free-agency.
Taylor Jones
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 Best Value Picks In The 2013 NBA Draft