bmoreravens Can the Baltimore Ravens repeat as Super Bowl Champs?

Can the Baltimore Ravens repeat as Super Bowl Champs?

This year they won’t have Ray Lewis to back-up the front defensive line or direct the linebackers and secondary since he has retired.  Lewis was the heart and soul of the Ravens.  They played a good season in 2012, beating everyone in their path to a second Super Bowl ring.  The Ravens had a good defense and offense, made good plays, they came to play every down, they stayed focused on their goals and that is what ultimately helped them accomplish winning a Super Bowl championship.  They showed everybody that they could win it all.

Now the 2013 season is on the way, the Ravens are in training camp and the newly assembled team is getting ready to play some NFL again.  This years’ goal: to win the Super Bowl again.

The NFL nation is not only excited, but curious to see how this new Ravens team is going to play this season.  I have to say, the Ravens are a good team and they have a great coach, but I can’t forget the other good NFL teams.

There is so much talent in the NFL and things are going to be interesting with these new talented new rookies.   This year the NFL is going to be something that all football fanatics are going to watch and remember, even I will be glued to the NFL this season.

I am going to wish the Ravens good luck and until my next article, make sure you tune in to Let’s Talk NFL for ALL your NFL coverage for the 2013-2014 season.  It’s going to be good, we all are happy and can’t wait.   So to the company that host my articles, Let’s Talk NFL, you all take care.  To ALL the fans that read my articles, you guys get your popcorn ready…….and lets get ready for some FOOTBALL!!!

 Can the Baltimore Ravens repeat as Super Bowl Champs?