Can The Dallas Cowboys Contend In 2013 |

Can The Dallas Cowboys Contend In 2013

tony romo Can The Dallas Cowboys Contend In 2013The 2013 season for the Dallas Cowboys is literally Super Bowl or bust. Tony Romo has a lot of pressure on him to succeed this season and for the next three or four years as well. Romo understands that there will always be pressure on him playing for the Dallas Cowboys due to the national spotlight and the Cowboys history of great Quarterbacks who have won Super Bowls.  He has all of the tools to be an elite Quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees among others to be that guy. He needs to be the team leader that the Cowboys need this season and that is the first step towards being a great Quarterback. It’s not entirely Romo’s fault for the Cowboys struggles the past two seasons that both ended with an 8-8 record. It’s up to the Front Office in Dallas and Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones to take a step back and hire a General Manager that can take some of the load off of him.

Tony Romo is in a similar position now that LeBron James was in three years ago for different reasons obviously. Romo needs to win now to get that big monkey off of his back and to finally prove people wrong. He also needs to develop an edge mentally that can give him and his teammates a much needed confidence boost in December and January. Romo cannot throw the ball forty times a game for the Cowboys to be successful, they need balance on offense. The Cowboys need DeMarco Murray to stay healthy so they can improve their rushing attack that was 31st in the NFL last season. They are also in good hands with Romo at the helm for the next three to four years. Most Cowboys fans know that Romo can be great like Roger Staubach, Danny White and Troy Aikman and he can be if he ignores the outside noise and use it as motivation to win the franchise’s first Super Bowl since 1995.

Romo knows that winning games especially in December and January especially while in playoff contention will quiet his critics. He also still has one of the best receiving corps in the NFL especially when they are all healthy and clicking on all cylinders. The Dallas Cowboys on paper have arguably one of the best rosters in the entire NFL talent-wise but talent in the NFL alone doesn’t win championships. You need resiliency and teammates that are prepared to step up and contribute when their number is called. A healthy Dallas Cowboys roster will be tough for a lot of teams to compete against. Dez Bryant, who has had his ups and downs to start his career is going to be a star and he’s destined to have a great 2013 season. Jason Witten, who became the Dallas Cowboys all time leading receiver last season will always be Romo’s security blanket and favorite target across the middle. Miles Austin has had back to back seasons dealing with injuries mainly with his hamstrings but when he is healthy, he is another weapon that can help the offense move the chains.

In the off-season after landing some solid draft picks and hiring Monte Kiffin as their Defensive Coordinator, they should be a much better team that can possibly win the NFC East this year. The Cowboys need to get into the Headlines for the right reasons. They should be able to make the playoffs by learning from past failures and not repeating them again. The 2013 Dallas Cowboys have a challenge on their hands to deal with and that’s returning to postseason play and making a Super Bowl run. They have no excuses to make because this team talent-wise should be a playoff team every year. They can conquer their challenge head on this upcoming season by winning the Super Bowl in New York City at Metlife Stadium. How will they deal with this challenge? Will they run away from it or will they embrace it?


-Allan Wright @TheNatural_88

 Can The Dallas Cowboys Contend In 2013

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