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About Team Penske

Roger Penske is one on the biggest names going  in Racing  Motor Sports today.  He also would like to get respect within the whole Racing Series.  Roger started racing and winning in the ...

Remembering A Real Racer

This one hurt a little more than usual. Death in auto racing happens. It's a dangerous sport. Drivers put their lives on the line every time that they strap themselves in ...

AFC East Predictions

  The AFC East has been one of the weaker and more dramatized divisions in the NFL.  The division has been dominated by the New England Patriots since Tom Brady has ...

NFC South Predictions

The NFC South is a very strong division with a lot of competitiveness and talent.  The division consists of the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and the ...

NASCAR Weekend Round-Up

PHOTO CREDIT: MSN.FOXSPORTS.COM Written By: Brian Eberly, @beberly18 June 10, 2013 This past weekend marked the one and only time during the 2013 season that NASCAR’s top three series ran at different ...
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