Donte Whitner Cleveland Browns bring Donte Whitner back to OhioThe Cleveland Browns have decided to go in a different direction once again today by signing Donte Whitner to a 4 year $28 million contract.  This will bring former a Ohio State Buckeye back to the great state of Ohio.

This move has a lot of Browns fans scratching their heads.  With TJ Ward still unsigned, this leads us to believe that either Ward has expressed he has no intentions of returning to the Browns or the Browns once again are making boneheaded moves.  The Browns need to secure in-house personnel before worrying about free agents that are free agents for a reason.

Whitner has not impressed anyone in quite a while.  With only 73 combined tackles, 2 FF and 2 INTs last year, you might as well have put a kid out there to pick flowers and catch butterflies.

Whitner was drafted by the Bills in the first round (8th pick overall) in the 2006 draft.  He spent 5 years with the Bills before deciding to move on and join the Bengals.  Well he joined the Bengals in a tweet, but actually changed his mind and signed with the San Francisco 49ers.

Whitner is only known for three things in his 8 seasons in the NFL.  He is recognized for hard hits.  At times his hits have cost him money and his team yards.  His lack of speed.  His wanting to be like ChadOchocinco” Johnson and change his name.  Whitner has been trying to drop the “W” and go from Whitner to Hitner.  I guess Whitner to Hitlate would be better suiting.

The Browns still have a lot of pieces they need, so adding a very aged and worthless veteran doesn’t make sense, no matter how you try to spin it.  The Browns need youth while they rebuild, instead of having one more piece to replace as they get closer to NOT being the worst team in the NFL.

 Cleveland Browns bring Donte Whitner back to Ohio