Da Quan Bowers Da Quan Bowers, what was you thinking? [Quick Take]Are you serious?  I really need to know what Da’ Quan Bowers was thinking.

Bowers was arrested after a handgun was found in his luggage at a New York airport. Bower was arrainged Monday on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and posted a $10,000 fine.

Do athletes really feel they are above the law?  Maybe it was too many hits to the head.  Either way, I want to know if Bowers honestly thought he was going to get his handgun through security at an airport.  You can’t even get a nail file on a plain, why did he tjink the handgun would flow though smoothly?

It is officially the off-season, so I guess the NFL is going to pick up where they left off last year.  Maybe the NFL needs a 365 league to keep these guys busy and out of trouble.

It is ashame that these grown men don’t know how to act.  I guess we will watch as law breaking season begins.

 Da Quan Bowers, what was you thinking? [Quick Take]