reddickdudley Did the Los Angeles Clippers put themselves in the drivers seat?

If the off-season is any indication of what the upcoming season is going to be like, WATCH OUT!!  We are going to have to be seat belted to our recliners.  Boston goes ALL IN on its rebuilding process, the two coaches that led their teams to their best ever seasons are gone, Dwight Howard and the indecision part 2 and then there was the 2013 NBA Draft.  The sad thing is, we have just started the off-season.  So ladies and gentlemen, sit back cause the NBA is back!!!

So far, the Los Angeles Clippers have made the best moves in this off-season.  They landed Doc Rivers as their new head coach.  Chris Paul commits to re-signing with the Clippers (5-years for $107 million). Then yesterday the Clippers managed to retain the services of three-point specialist J.J. Redick and Jared Dudely, an even better three-point shooter, for next to nothing compared to the talent they got in return.

The Clippers are starting to find themselves in uncharted waters.  They have inched themselves right up against the Oklahoma City Thunder when it comes to favorites to make it to the NBA Finals next season.

Not to name drop but…. Chris Paul, arguably the best point guard in the league right now.  J.J. Redick and Jared Dudley, two very dangerous three-point shooters.  Blake Griffin, one of the most electrifying players in the NBA.  De Andre Jordan, creating his own poster faces and being Griffin’s right hand man.  Chauncy Billups, possible veteran experience and leadership.  Reggie Bullock, possible steal of the draft.  Doc Rivers, an upgrade from last year (no disrespect to Vinny Del Negro, he did a phenomenal job).

With all that said, does that put them in the drivers seat for the Western Conference?  It is hard to bet against a healthy Kevin Durant and Michael Westbrook, but the “Great Pumpkin Ball Gods” have blessed the Los Angeles Clippers with one of the youngest most talented teams in the NBA.  With the addition of a winning veteran coach and a couple of well seasoned veterans to this core who has had a couple seasons to gel, makes them not only in the driver seat, but in a one seater car no less.  The Clippers will be one of very few teams that will actually be able to out run the Thunder.  Where Durant and Westbrook can run with the best of them, their big men will not and that will eventually be the death of the Thunder.

I am already getting jittery just thinking about how exciting the Western Conference is going to be to watch.  But until then, we will watch to see what team steps up and raises the bar just slightly higher and if the Clippers will rise to the occasion so they can finish building this DYNASTY in “Lob City”.

 Did the Los Angeles Clippers put themselves in the drivers seat?