Joe Flacco Flacco will be his own worst enemyAs the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco’s agent plan to meet this weekend, I can only imagine what ridiculously large number is going to be thrown out there by Flacco’s agent.  I am well aware that Joe Flacco was Super Bowl MVP, but that means nothing. In all fareness, who else was going to get the Super Bowl MVP???  Nobody on that team stood out, so it had to go to the quarterback.

Joe Linta will be in Indianapolis at the NFL’s scouting combine for the first negotiations since August.  When Flacco and the Ravens couldn’t agree on an extension or a new deal last summer, Flacco decided he would play out the final year of his rookie contract.

For some reason Flacco feels he deserves a contract that equals to or even betters the greats of the league presently like: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Breese and Aaron Rodgers. Sorry Flacco, but you are nothing more than a younger version of Tony Romo.

Yea, you can be great at times.  Sure, you can piece three or four good games together.  Guaranteed, you will have a hand full of bad games and I mean BAD.

I will not argue the fact that Joe Flacco is a Pro Bowl quarterback.  I will not argue that he is deserving of a hefty contract.  Too suggest he is in the same class as the above mentioned is just down right ignorant.

Flacco made less than $6.76 million in 2012, and even if the Ravens franchise him, he would at least double that salary for next year.

Flacco deserves a contract that pays him about $12 to $15 million a year, probably more like the $12 million.  I am not sure if Flacco doesn’t realize his worth.  I can see Flacco losing his starting job in Baltimore over the difference in what he wants and what he will be offered.  Not that the Baltimores wouldn’t make him their starting quarterback, but that the Baltimore Ravens are not stupid enough to pay him that $19 to $20 million a year he is expecting.

Nobody expects the Ravens to make back-to-back runs, but Flacco works in this system and it would be a big loss for both parties if Flacco becomes his worst enemy.

 Flacco will be his own worst enemy