Jerry Jones is single-handedly sabotaging the Dallas Cowboys |

Jerry Jones is single-handedly sabotaging the Dallas Cowboys

 Jerry Jones is single handedly sabotaging the Dallas CowboysThe Dallas Cowboys have gone through 17 long and excruciating seasons without a Super Bowl championship. There are obviously a lot of factors in why the drought is increasing as each season comes and goes. The main reason for the Cowboys struggles is none other than the Owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones. Jones has three Super Bowl rings to his credit but his reputation as a great/respectable owner is taking big hits as each season passes. The string of poor decisions started in 1993 when Jones forced then Cowboys Head Coach Jimmy Johnson out the door. Just like today, Jones’ ego has held this team hostage. Every season since the Cowboys last Super Bowl title in 1995, he can continued to control everything like a dictator and not letting the coaches do their jobs. Also, it’s not just his controlling ways that has set this wonderful franchise back, it’s his lack of scouting when it comes to personnel and coaching.

Like in 2000 when Dave Campo was promoted to Head Coach and it failed badly. Campo was another bad hiring by Jones that led to three straight 5-11 seasons. Jones then lured Bill Parcells out of retirement to be Cowboys Head Coach and he wasn’t a bad choice until Jones again wanted to make all personnel decisions. Parcells then retired after the 2006 season and Jones hired Wade Phillips to coach the team. The hiring just like the Parcells hiring started out great. Phillips went 13-3 in his first season with the team gaining the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs. The season obviously ended in disappointment losing to the eventual champion New York Giants in 2007. The Wade Phillips era after that became very shaky. Phillips also coached the team to the playoffs in 2009 and it ended with an atrocious loss to the Vikings 34-3. Eight games into the 2010 season with Phillips at the helm, the season got away from the team quickly resulting in a 1-7 start and Phillips being removed as coach .Jones handled that situation poorly as well by assuring Phillips that he wouldn’t be fired but he fired him anyway. Jason Garrett got the job being promoted from Offensive Coordinator.

That hire has been horrific from the start. Jason Garrett isn’t the right coach to lead the Dallas Cowboys. He doesn’t have the thick skin, the drive or the smarts to get the Cowboys back to the promised land just like in their glory days. It’s not all entirely Garrett’s fault though. It starts at the top with Jerry Jones himself not doing the proper scouting and evaluation of players and coaches that know how to win. One of Jones’ head-scratching moves occurred last December after a bad loss to the Redskins. He decided to bring in Bill Callahan in 2012, who spent 2008-2011 with the Jets as an Offensive Line Coach/Assistant Head Coach, to be the Offensive Line coach. After the Cowboys lost to the Redskins to end the season in disappointing fashion, Jones decided to take the play-calling duties away from Garrett and promoted Callahan to be the new play-caller.

I personally didn’t mind seeing Garrett lose his play-calling duties but why would Jones still retain him as Head Coach instead of cutting ties with him? That was another opportunity for Jones to finally make things right for not only his reputation an as owner but for the Cowboys fans as well. All of Cowboys fans around the world expect to win and be in contention every single year. Ever since the Cowboys last Super Bowl Championship season in 1995, the Cowboys have gone 138-134 and that by Cowboys fans standards in unacceptable. Jerry Jones, with all of the bad decisions that he has made to hurt the Cowboys franchise, still has a chance to atone for his errors if he wants to. That will start if he brings in a smart and fresh football mind that can be the GM that will make great decisions with players/coaching personnel to help the Cowboys flourish. Playoffs for the Cowboys this season or not, the main questions going forward will be - Will Jerry Jones finally wake up and do whatever it takes to bring a 6th Super Bowl title to Dallas or is making money and selling out AT&T Stadium his only two priorities?

-Allan Wright

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 Jerry Jones is single handedly sabotaging the Dallas Cowboys

4 comments on “Jerry Jones is single-handedly sabotaging the Dallas Cowboys”

  1. D. REMINGER Reply

    Been Cowboy fan since 77′. I do think, Jones believes he can win a superbowl at 8-8. Sad, really Sad.

    • M. Kneitel Reply

      This is truly a sad day for all Cowboy fans. It is unacceptable for a team with this much talent to be at the .500 mark at not see a Super Bowl in nearly two decades. However, with Jones calling the shots this will continue. I recall after the the Cowboys beat the Steelers in Super Bowl 30, Barry Switzer and Jerry Jones were up at the podium accepting the trophy and while Switzer shouted “we did it our way,” Jones yanked the trophy from his hands.
      Since then, as the players aged there was a lack of depth and, the dynasty began to crumble. Jones was managed to put enough money together to buy the Dallas Cowboys but has proven that just because you have money-it doesn’t follow that you are SMART!!!! The only way this situation changes is by fans ceasing to support the team by buying tickets, jerseys, team paraphernalia etc. As long as money flows into his coffer-he will never relinquish his control and Dallas will never again be atop the NFL. Like I said when I began- this is a sad day for all Cowboy fans.

  2. fatwillie Reply

    I have been a fan since 1960, and it is beyond embarrassment what has been done to this team, by the actions of one man. If I need to name him, then I would be speaking to the blind and the dumb. If the cowboys fans do not wish to end up like eagles fans, they had better put the brakes on this now and not tomorrow. Eagles fans continue to buy tickets, gear and make the big mistake of buying the team crap year after year. They have not won a championship since 1960 and one would think they would just quit. The cowboys fans are heading down the same road unless they stop believing JJ and his same line year in and year out. Stop buying tickets, stop buying gear, stop buying his BS year after year. Start criticizing him each and every chance you get. On all public forums and social media, this along with boycotting his team and products will force him to change. Its either this, or wait for his demise in a plane crash. What was once the pride of the NFL is now the laughing stock. I have a closet full of gear, I have not purchased anything in the past 8 years, I will not go to a game, nor watch them on the tube. So long as he is making money and peddling his BS nothing will change. He is a failure with the team, all the greatness came before his time, or at the hands of Jimmy Johnson and other men. This man has had excuse upon excuse upon excuse, all at the expense of great players, coaches, and most of all the fans. Boycott this man and his team until he learns.

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