There was a lot of questions going into the Super Bowl like: Is Joe Flacco an elite QB?  What would a Super Bowl ring do to Flacco’s status in the NFL?  What kind of contract should Flacco expect after this season, win or loss? Unfortunately, we are hearing the same questions even still today.  So we all can move forward and stop wasting our breath on this subject, I have decided to give my followers the inside scoop.

Joe Flacco is NOT an elite QB.  I hate having this idiotic argument with people, but for some reason the delusional in the world like to throw that label around like it is theirs to do so.  Just because a QB wins a Super Bowl doesn’t mean they automatically become elite.  If that was the case; Trent Dilfer, Brad Johnson and Eli Manning would be in this exclusive class.  Fortunately for us, it takes numbers to back that status and Flacco is miles away from those numbers. Is Flacco even ready to be thrown into the same conversation as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or Drew Breese?  HELL NO!!!

This video shows us he needs to be thrown in the conversation with JaMarcus Russell or Ryan Leaf, a worthless punk and not as an elite QB:


What if it would have come to that?  What would have people thought?  What would have been the reaction?  This just shows us how classless Joe Flacco really is and how much of a punk the Baltimore Ravens quarterback really is.   There has been discussion, a discussion no one is taking serious, but that Flacco wants to get paid like the elite quarterbacks in the NFL.  Are you kidding me?  At best, Flacco should get paid like the quarterback he most closely plays like, Tony Roma.  Roma and Flacco are one in the same.  They can be good quarterbacks, but consistency is a major weakness. How does a quarterback that is lucky to put four good games together in-a-row, expect to get elite pay?

We finally got past the whole Eli Manning getting falsely labeled as an elite quarterback, do we really have to go through it again with Flacco?  That must be the trending thing to do, win a Super Bowl and proclaim yourself as being elite.  Critics, Ravens fans and Flacco can give up on this campaign, it is not happening now and probably will never happen.  Flacco is not accurate enough and consistent enough, so let’s just stop with the self labeling and play some football.

 Is Flacco elite?  Try Flacco is a punk