Roger Clemens Is Roger Clemens really unconcerned about Hall of Fame?If I am supposed to believe that one of the best pitchers of all time is fine with not being invited to Coopererstown, I would be the stupidest person walking God‘s green Earth.  Roger Clemens said little publicly in the immediate aftermath of the Hall of Fame vote.

Now, a little over a month later, he wants to speak out about how he feels about not getting the invite.

“I’m not going to lose any sleep over it,” Clemens said.  “If those guys feel I deserve to be there.  If they feel I don’t, then that’s OK, too.”

Really?  Being a prior athlete, having that competitive nature in me as well, I know what the ultimate goal is.  For any athlete, the ultimate resting place is their respective Hall of Fame.  So, is Roger Clemens the only athlete in this great nation that could care less he will probably never get into the Hall of Fame? Not a cold day in hell would Clemens could care less.

Clemens was at spring training Monday as a special instructor for the Houston Astros, and he spoke for a bit with the team’s pitchers about his mental approach to the game.

Last month, Clemens fell short of the necessary votes to make the Hall of Fame.  Superlative stats weren’t enough to offset suspicious of PED use.

“I’ve had a great time when I’ve gone to Cooperstown,” Clemens said.  “I know a lot of people that work over there, too.  If you’re around my groups of people, and the same thing when I go to the cities I’ve played in, the people have been nothing but great down on the streets to me.”

Roger Clemens can down play it all he wants, but there is no doubt that down deep inside, it is tearing him apart and it will eat away at him until his last day on this God’s green Earth!!!


 Is Roger Clemens really unconcerned about Hall of Fame?