He is one of the most understated sports superstars  have ever seen; he is the four-time NBA Champion of the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan.  Some rumors coming out of All-Star weekend are that Duncan might call this season his last and walk away from the NBA after 17 seasons.

Whenever we look back at Tim Duncans career we will know he was one of the best ever. Image from the NBA 300x199 Is Tim Duncan ready to hang up his Spurs?

Whenever we look back at Tim Duncan’s career, we will know he was one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. (Image from the NBA)

Tim Duncan’s nickname is “Mr. Fundamentals” for his steady, solid play.  The  way him came into the NBA is the same way he is playing now, even two months away from his 38th birthday.  Coming out of Wake Forest, Tim Duncan was the first overall pick in the 1997 NBA Draft by the San Antonio Spurs and has played his entire career for them.

Born in Cristiansted, a town on Saint Croix in the United States Virgin Islands, Tim Duncan took a nursery rhyme that his mother taught him and turned it into a motto.  “Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest, Until your Good is Better, and your Better is your Best” is how Tim Duncan has earned the respect of his peers and how he has become one of the NBA best All-Time players.

Former NBA coach and current ESPN basketball analysis George Karl talked about the rumors that he heard during All-Star weekend in New Orleans.  “You know over the weekend, that was the whispers that I got.  I got a couple of phone calls, one from San Antonio that said that Tim Duncan’s thinking this is going to be his last year.  The best, most fundamental big guy ever to play in the NBA, and he leaving would make me very, very sad.  The San Antonio Spurs without Tim Duncan would be very difficult for me to watch”.

Four time NBA Champion Tim Duncan Is Tim Duncan ready to hang up his Spurs?

Four time NBA Champion Tim Duncan is rumored to be hanging up his Spurs in San Antonio. (Image from the NBA)

The San Antonio Spurs have Tim Duncan, as well as Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili all under contract through the end of next season, so the talk that Karl tossed out there might, on the surface seem strange.  Would Tim Duncan really walk away from his team unexpectedly?  Knowing how Gregg Popovich runs his team, maybe Tim Duncan has already told his coach.  Being the he low key player that he is, however, Tim Duncan would not want a victory lap or a good bye tour like some players, or commissioners would.

Whenever he does retire, the only thing NBA fans could ask and hope for is a chance to say good bye and thank you to Tim Duncan for being one of the best ever, both on and off the court.

 Is Tim Duncan ready to hang up his Spurs?