San Antonio owns the Western Conference

image 839 Jay Spearman presents: The RantMemphis should’ve never traded Rudy Gay right?  Wait, maybe they should’ve kept O.J. Mayo. Maybe Memphis should fire Lionel Hollins, and go for Vinny Del Negro next season. In all bluntness, I wish people would shut up with excuses for Memphis. They took a WCF beat down, and there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s simple: San Antonio is too experienced, Memphis has very little experience. It’s no one’s fault. Rudy Gay or not, Memphis would’ve still lose this series. They may have one a game or two, but the fact of the matter is that they would’ve lost this series. It doesn’t matter how many games you win in the playoffs if you can’t win four in a series. San Antonio has capitalized on Memphis’s inexperience every game of this WCF, and has justly swept them with corn bristle broomsticks; so what. I’ve told the world that this was going to happen the minute the Clippers were knocked out of the playoffs. Having the Clippers lose was a huge butterfly effect to the NBA; they screwed up everything. After that, there was no way in hell that the Spurs wouldn’t make it to the NBA finals. The biggest question would be how many games it would take them. From what we’re seeing in this year’s WCF, it will probably take them four.

                Monta Ellis in Detroit?

            I originally nearly begged for Joe Dumars to sign Josh Smith this summer; I stand by that. However, I nice second place finished would certainly be Monta Ellis. Ellis is one of the most underrated players in the NBA today, and he’s a bonafide scorer. This should work perfectly for Dumars seeing that he loves overpaying underrated superstars. However, seeing Ellis, he would probably work his best to earn his keep. Ellis averaged 19ppg and 6apg, all in quick fashion; so quick that most of us never got to see it. Also, let’s not forget that in game one of Milwaukee’s first round against Miami (the one that Jenning’s predicted the Bucks would win in six), Ellis andimage 840 Jay Spearman presents: The Rant Jennings combine for nearly half of Milwaukee’s first half points. The only knock that anyone has ever given Ellis is his poor defense. However, on a team that is better defensively than they are offensively, Ellis wouldn’t be beat on too hard is he was to focus a little more on the scoring side. Then again, that’ simply what I think.

Phil Jackson Finally put the hammer down on the debate

Phil Jackson is tired of hearing the conversation. He’s tired of being asked in his book. The result has been in clear: In Phil Jackson’s recent book: Eleven rings: the soul of success, Jackson finally settled the dispute over who’s better between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Jackson critiques them both, but at the end, gives a slight edge to Jordan due to the fact that he’s a better leader than Kobe. This makes sense considering that Jordan led a team of established stars such as Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Ron Harper, and others. However, this list is somewhat plagued considering two things: 1. By the time Jordan won his first three rings, he was already an established star, bigger than the stars he would eventually lead to six championships. Kobe came into the league as a fresh face. Hell, the team that originally drafted him didn’t want him. The result; Kobe is one of the greatest player that our league has ever seen. Knowing this, Jackson may have been right in his decision. However, our reasoning is somewhat different.

Miami vs San Antonio

image 841 Jay Spearman presents: The RantIf I’m wrong about predicting a Miami and San Antonio series, than someone should beats me down right now. As much as Indiana is giving a Miami a run for their money, there is no way that Indiana could pull off a seven game series. One could only hope that Indiana gives Miami the beating that they deserve. However, it’s simply not the time. With that being said, Indiana luck ends tonight. We can now look ahead to the NBA finals: Miami vs. San Anotnio. I won’t make my official prediction yet. However, I will say one thing; San Antonio is doing the best thing that they can do right now, resting. They’re going to need everyone 100% if they plan to face a Miami team that will look to run them out of the gym. However, Like Indiana, one can only hope that San Antonio pulls it off. This is a lot coming from a brother from Detroit; I hate San Antonio.

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 Jay Spearman presents: The Rant