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Joe Dumars: Making decisions like his job depends on it

Do you know what today is? Today is the beginning of Christmas in July. This is NBA free agency, which means two things: there will be a lot of begging, and a lot of surprises. Like myself, there is probably a ton of shirtless guys sitting on the couch glued to Sportscenter or NBA TV, hoping that there team makes a good move. Coming from Detroit, I’ve seen the Pistons screw up free agency a few times in the past. Therefore there’s a lot riding on Joe Dumar’s decisions these next few days. With talks of the Piston’s front office having talks with Andre Igoudala and Josh Smith, there’s already excitement in the air. The biggest question I have regarding the possible signing of Iggy is “why didn’t I think of that?”  While Iggy certainly is no Kobe on the perimeter, having him on the wing automatically gives the Pistons the potential to be very scary this season.  Joe Dumars: Making decisions like his job depends on itThink about this line-up: Jose Calderon, KCP, Andre Igoudala, Greg Monroe, and Andre Drummond. With the strong level of talent that the Pistons have, we could be looking at the team that will bring “Detroit basketball” back to Detroit. As a fan, I’m excited; and I must say that Dumars has thoroughly surprised me this off-season. There are so many people that are crapping on Dumars for not drafting former Michigan guard Trey Burke. There are others that say that Mo’ Cheeks was a bad pick-up for Detroit. I say this: Dumars made decisions this off-season as if his job was on the line. On top of that, he had Phil Jackson helping him out. You can’t argue with the decision making this off-season. Simply to say, the Pistons are tired of losing, as well as talking about rebuilding. For the past few years, there has been no real rebuilding. True, we’ve gotten pieces to the puzzle via the draft. However, the has been very little results. With this off-season, the Pistons can truly get into a rebuilding process. I’ll keep this short; if I’m Dumars, I would sign Igoudala. If we manage not to sign him, then Monta Ellis will make a nice second place.



 Joe Dumars: Making decisions like his job depends on it

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