matt cassel Kansas City Chiefs are to blame for fans reactionAs harsh as this sounds, the Kansas City Chiefs are the reason for the crowds reaction on Sunday.  What were they expecting?  The economy is down, but the prices of tickets are still up.  Fans spend their hard earned money to support their team and pay their teams salaries.  For what?  To see the Kansas City Chiefs finish last in their division again?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting fans cheering when a player gets hurt, as a matter of fact I am a firm believer that all players take a knee and the fans remain silent until the player walks of the field or is escorted of the field.  At the same time I don’t blame the fans and the Chiefs organization needs to take a deep look at its sidelines and take responsibility.

How does a team with such history, such tradition and such pride allow themselves to put a team with such potential in the hands of Matt Cassel?  Matt Cassel is a second string quarterback at best.  Then for an encore you give the your fans Brady Quinn, another second string quarterback at best, REALLY?

For the life of me I don’t understand why the Kansas City Chiefs don’t acquire a legitimate starter to compliment their Pro Bowl caliber offense.  With players like there is no reason they can’t find a quarterback willing to be a part of that.

With a better offense comes a better defense.  Yes I am going to say it, with a new quarterback the defense will improve.  Denver proved that last year.  When you have a quarterback that doesn’t turn the ball over 14 times in five games, like Matt Cassel, your defense can rest, be energized and be ready to go when it is time to go back out on the field.  Instead, the defense on average is playing three more series a game because of Matt Cassel alone, not counting any other turnovers.  That will wear a defense thin, get coaches fired and frustrate the fans.

Will this incident change things in Kansas City?  Probably not.  Is this the last time the fans are going to have this reaction?  Probably not.  But the next time we hear a player say:

“It’s 100-percent sickening,” Chiefs tackle Eric Winston said.  “I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life to play football than that moment right there.”

just remember, the fans were just as embarrassed by the product that was on the field.