Michael Vicks' fumbles shouldn't be Eagles top priority

Michael Vicks’ fumbles shouldn’t be Eagles top priority

2817902 300x202 Michael Vicks fumbles shouldnt be Eagles top prioritySo let me make sure I got this right, the Philadelphia Eagles main concern is Michael Vick and his fumbling issue?  With ALL the other issues that come with having Michael Vick on the Eagles, that is what concerns them?

I understand that Michael Vick has fumbled in the pocket, fumbled on scrambles and fumbled when he wasn’t even hit.  I also understand that Michael Vick hasn’t thrown an interception in three straight games, but has five fumbles in the last five games.  Philadelphia, that is the least of your concerns with Michael Vick at this point.

The areas that should be of more concern for the Eagles should be the interceptions, completion percentage and the injuries.  The latest stat may have him at 18 fumbles in 18 games, but let’s play with the following stats for a moment:  1.) 20 INTs in the last 18 games.  2.) Vick has played one complete season of of the nine he has been eligible for.  3.) Vick once again is barely completing 50% of his passes.

Now I understand that fumbling (turnovers period) is a concern, but in a pass friendly league with a team with no legitimate back up quarterback, this team has three main concerns that need addressed leading up to the fumbling issue.

“I wish I could take back the fumble on the goal line, but I can’t,” Vick said.  “Ultimately, we put ourselves in a position to win this game, but we didn’t win.  That’s how it goes in the NFL.  You wish you could have some things back, and there are plenty of things I wish I could have back through the course of the season, but you can’t get them.  I will do a better job of protecting the ball.”

With Andy Reid once again feeling the heat from the owners, league and the fans he went a head and backed his veteran quarterback Monday by saying;

“There’s nobody more competitive than this guy.  He knows that he can’t have turnovers.  Nobody knows it more than the player.  He doesn’t want to go out there and do those things.”

Yet he does all of that at an alarming rate.

Whether you slap the “dynasty” or “dream team” tag on this team or not, as long as Michael Vick is the quarterback both tags are 100% accurate.  But it reads like this, you must of had a “dream” if you think this “team” is a “dynasty”!

 Michael Vicks fumbles shouldnt be Eagles top priority

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  1. Sydney Reply

    HELLO!!!… Vince Young is not part of the Eagles 53 man roster. Everyone needs to get over the “dream team” negativity that he started and quit associating that with the current team. It’s hard to believe the player that coined the team with that title isn’t there anymore but everyone wants to act as if he is. True, Micheal Vick is not playing well but he can’t be the only one playing. Trent Dilfer had horrible stats but he has a Super Bowl ring as a starting quarterback. The reason is because he had a TEAM. Vick doesn’t have that but I’m not saying he’s off the hook for bad performance. I absolutely hate the defense these guys are playing and at some point they have to prevent someone from scoring. Every time they are on the field, opposing offenses look like they are playing against the practice squad. If you have a gaping hole in you defensive line every play, then a Mack truck is going to run through it. Andy Reid needs to take a page from the Rex Ryan book and motivate the team. He seems to be a little lack luster with his position at head coach.

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