rg3 RG III Makes The Redskins A Super Bowl Threat

Robert Griffin III‘s NFL career so far has been simply electrifying. He came into the league in 2012 as a second overall pick by the Washington Redskins and his presence and spectacular rookie of the year campaign has the Redskins looking forward to great things for the upcoming 2013-14 season. His right knee is obviously a concern coming off major reconstructive surgery to repair his torn ACL and that will change his playing style quite a bit but it’s something that Griffin can handle. His leadership skills on and off the field are already spectacular at the age of 24 and his poise in the pocket is something that some people don’t pay attention to. Some classify him as a running quarterback but he can make good if not better plays in the pocket than he can while on the run because he has one of the prettiest deep balls in the NFL and his accuracy is good.

The Redskins will keep some of their read option plays that are currently installed in their system but Robert Griffin III doesn’t need those sets to be an elite quarterback. He has the intangibles in the pocket that can give defenses fits every week and with his speed and ability to run at any time, he’s difficult to game plan for. He also will improve this season due to better decision-making especially when he escapes the pocket because he will either throw the ball away when no one is open or run and slide quickly. The Redskins also have good weapons for Griffin to be successful for this upcoming season. They have the perfect combination of speedy receivers that can help stretch a defense and with Alfred Morris and Griffin’s ability to run the ball, it should open up more big plays in the passing game.

The passing attack that the Redskins have in place is similar to what Robert Griffin III had at Baylor. It consists of speedy and crafty receivers that can get down the field quickly vertically and Fred Davis will be a big help this season coming off a torn Achilles last season at the Meadow lands against the Giants. Griffin and Davis will be one of the top quarterback and tight end duos this season. A tight end in the NFL nowadays is invaluable in the passing game due to their receiver like speed and freakish athleticism and that will give Griffin an extra weapon at his disposal.

The Redskins led by Robert Griffin III will have to show the NFL world that last year wasn’t a fluke. They have high expectations in D.C for the first time since Joe Gibbs returned for a second stint to be Redskins coach. The weapons are there for Griffin to top his rookie campaign in a big way. Santana Moss, Pierre Garcon, Josh Morgan and Fred Davis are no slouches they can get it done. If Griffin can stay healthy and his weapons offensively can stay healthy, they can possibly repeat as NFC East Champions and make a deeper run in the playoffs. The pressure is on no doubt about that and that is always the case for teams that made the playoffs last season. The question for the 2013-14 Washington Redskins is do they run away from the pressure or do they embrace it? We will find out that answer at the end of the season.







 RG III Makes The Redskins A Super Bowl Threat