RG32 Robert Griffin III: The Retrun 2013The star rookie QB Robert Griffin has returned!!!  After a season ending knee ingury in 2012, he has over come it and is traning for this 2013-2014 season.  Griffin says he is ready to play and the Redskin nation is hoping to see him lead the Redskins to the playoffs again.

Is this going to be the season for RG3?  Everybody is on the edge of their seats, they want to see how good RG3 is going to be.  With his running and quickness in question following the injury, he has a lot to prove to everybody.  The two key focus point will be, is ready and does he still got his skills?

I think he is going to do good, we are ready to see this Redskins team play.  This will probably be a good season for RG3 and for the Washington Redskins.  This is going to be a must watch season for Redskins fans and die-hard NFL fans.  Even I am going to tune in.  So to all you football fans keep rooting for your favorite football team.  I will be wishing the Redskins and RG3 good luck with there season and that are victorious over their opponents.  There is no doubt that RG3 deserved the Rookie of the Year award, now this year he will follow that with a Pro Bowl like season.

Until my next article, lets get ready for 2013-2014 NFL season with RG3 and the Washington Redskins.

 Robert Griffin III: The Retrun 2013