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Has it Really Been 13 Years? R.I.P. Derrick Thomas

image 2546 Has it Really Been 13 Years? R.I.P. Derrick Thomas

13 years ago today on February 8th, 2000 the Kansas City Chiefs lost a member of their family when Derrick Thomas passed in the hospital after a car accident. I remember standing at my High School locker when a couple of my friends came up and asked me if I heard the news about Derrick Thomas. They then told me that Derrick has passed away and I was in utter shock not able to comprehend what they had just said. I was unable to concentrate the rest of the school day as I pondered how this larger than life figure I had grown up watching could suddenly be gone. A man who did so much to give back to this community and a man who terrorized quarterbacks every Sunday during the season was now gone while we were left asking why?

Derrick Thomas had so many great moments it’s hard to pick just one ...

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