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cb1 300x223 The Cleveland Browns give Ryan Encinas the gift of a lifetimeEveryone loves to find good news with everything going on in the world today and the Cleveland Browns love to hear anything to do with them having a good game. Well, on August 3rd Littlest Heroes and the Browns organization was able to do just that. Ryan Encinas is a 5 year old cancer survivor who was diagnosed with tumor on his left lung, known as pleuropulmonary blastoma at only 2 years old. With a surgery that has left him with only a half of a lung on his left side, only a 40% chance of survival when originally diagnosed, little Ryan always had a positive attitude that held his family together even during the most painful moments. Well we at 110 Nation are happy to say that as of August 2nd little Ryan Encinas has been in remission for 2 wonderful years. To make his celebration even better Littlest Heroes and the Browns organization along with the players he was able to hear his name over the loud speaker as he was being introduced to over 24,000 people at First Energy Stadium as he rushed onto the field decked out from head to toe in official Browns gear proudly displaying a #1 on his uniform. Those same fans were brought to their feet when little Ryan Encinas scored a 50-yard touchdown surrounded by the referees and his Browns heroes. Rob Chudzinski, the Browns coach was quoted saying “How about that first-round draft pick, Ryan Encinas, scoring the winning touchdown tonight?” Taking a step back from the everyday hectic life, this writer salutes you Ryan Enicinas who may be small in size but is more brave than most.

 The Cleveland Browns give Ryan Encinas the gift of a lifetime