norv turner philip rivers 300x211 The Over Rated San Diego Chargers, Sound Familiar?It seems like year after year we start the season off with the same discussions.  Will the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl?  Who will finally go 19-0?  Who will ne the next 0-16 Detroit Lions?  Will this finally be the year of the San Diego Chargers?  Sound familiar?

Every year it goes like this:  San Diego comes out the gate winning at least three out of the first four games of the season, fans and so-called “experts” get over excited and the Chargers get blown out of proportion and over rated.  Sound familiar?

For argument sake, let’s take a trip down memory lane, even as recent as last year.  The San Diego Chargers actually came out the gate and started the season 4-1.  This was the teams best start after five games under coach Norv Turner.   But who did they really play and beat?  They beat a washed up Donavan McNab led Minnesota Vikings, who finished last in their division, in week one.  In week two they played their only +.500 team in the first five games, the New England Patriots.  The Patriots gave them a beat down that a step-dad give his little red-headed step-son.  The next three weeks were all against bottom feeders of their divisions at the time (Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos).  These three teams had a combined record of 1-6 when they beat them.  Then of course the schedule got harder and they started losing.  As a matter of fact, they went on losing the next six games and went 5-7 to finish the season.  Sound familiar?

He we are with the new improved 2012 San Diego Chargers, YEA H!  STOP the press release!  Are they really that improved?  The San Diego Chargers sit 3-2 after losing to a 0-4 New Orleans Saints team.  Not going to knock them for that loss, the Saints are much better than their record indicates.  The Chargers only +.500 opponent, Atlanta Falcons, came into Qualcomm Stadium and took what little manhood the Chargers had in a 27-3 massacre.  What about the three teams they did beat?  The Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans are a combines 3-11.  Doesn’t sound so improved now that you take a deeper look into it, does it?  Sound familiar?

So before everybody gets all worked up on whether the San Diego Chargers are going to the Super Bowl or will the Chargers fall apart again, remember this, history always repeats itself.  Does the Chargers still have Norv Turner as their coach, Philip Rivers as their quarterback, a running back that is injure prone and a defense that is still incomplete?  Before you take off your shoes and bring out your toes trying to answer this question, the answer is YES!  For those reasons, the San Diego Chargers will fall out of first and miss the playoffs once again and that should SOUND FAMILIAR!

 The Over Rated San Diego Chargers, Sound Familiar?