tannehill ar 15 WATCH OUT Ryan Tannehill haters, Laurens packing HEAT!Nothing like getting out of the winter cold of Upstate New York to enjoy the warmth of the Florida sun in January, but we are pretty sure members of one family were not expecting to find some heat packed in the truck of their rental car when they arrived for their vacation.

A family turned their daughter’s job interview into a vacation and had their daughter find an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle zipped up in a bag she found in the trunk of the family’s rental car earlier this month.  Records show the rental car had been used for a couple of hours by Lauren Tannehill, wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill before returning to switch the car for another one. The rifle was left in the original car when she dropped off.  The family quickly called the rental car company and then drove to a local police station.

Lauren Tannehill is an aspiring model who gained some notoriety when the Dolphins appeared on HBO’s Hard Knocks before the 2012 season, just months after Lauren and Ryan Tannehill were married in January.  Lauren seems to be a gun enthusiast based upon photos she tweeted of herself firing handguns at a firing range last summer.  The AR-15 was legally owned by Lauren Tannehill and no charges are believed to be forthcoming with local authorities only saying her mistake was a dangerous mental lapse.

MEMO TO ALL MIAMI DOLPHINS BEAT REPORTERS:  Be careful what you say about Ryan Tannehill in the off-season and for the rest of his career, his wife could have you in her cross hairs.  Dan Le Batard is already looking to buy back his Football Hall of Fame vote so he can get Ryan Tannehill inducted this coming summer, during a Guns and Ammo show in Canton, Ohio.

 WATCH OUT Ryan Tannehill haters, Laurens packing HEAT!