image 32 What is in store for Mikhail Grabovski?
What is in store for Mikhail Grabovski previously of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Compared to his previous to season where he scored 109 points in the total 155 games he played, Grabovski only scored 16 points in the 48 games he played this last season. With Grabovski being a free agent, is he scrambling to find a team willing to take a player on a rapid decline? It has been rumored that Grabovski has been talking to three different teams, however the only confirmation that anyone has been able to get would be through a Twitter done by Aaron Ward, who simply stated “Source close to Grabovski situation, at this point its down to 3 teams. Contrary to reports, Winnipeg Jets are not one of them.” While Grabovski may be waiting anxiously to see where he is going, have the fans looked elsewhere for inspiration?  Even though Grabovski may be at his prime with his performance last season, NHL fans are questioning if this player is going to find a home with a new team before the start of the season this year.
 What is in store for Mikhail Grabovski?