The joy of the sights and sounds that come with the NHL off-season really come to life with the Draft and the frenzy of the free agency that leaves everyone with a headache, the thrill of wanting more or leaving some fans asking why. Since the frenzy of last Friday which bled into the weekend has essentially came to a halting stop. We already know that there could indeed be that second wave of signings , drama and so forth, get ready because these top 5 players still on the market could set of the frenzy tornado.

Who’s the Top 5 still out there?

jaromir jagr1 Which 5 Unrestriced Free Agents Havent Signed?

Jaromir Jagr

At last glance, the 41-year-old reportedly had three teams interested in his services, including possibly Montreal. Jagr had a frustrating playoffs offensively, with no goals in 22 games for the Bruins. But some of that was bad luck, and he did have 10 assists. One big question general managers need to ask is, how will Jagr hold up to a regular 82-game schedule as opposed to one that’s cut almost in half by a lockout? He’ll be 42 by next year’s playoffs.



damien brunner 580x316 20130127 300x163 Which 5 Unrestriced Free Agents Havent Signed? Damien Brunner

After scoring 12 times in 44 games during the regular season, then adding a team-high five goals in the playoffs, Brunner’s contract demands (reportedly $3 -3.5 million per season for 2-3 years) were seemingly too much for the Red Wings, who, of course, added Daniel Alfredsson and Stephen Weiss in free agency. Brunner is only 27 but is not the strongest or physically imposing forward seen in the league.


images 4 Which 5 Unrestriced Free Agents Havent Signed?

Mason Raymond

The Calgary Flames were apparently kicking the tires on the speedy winger, but it’s not clear if there’s still interest. Raymond fell out of favor in Vancouver after scoring a career-high 25 goals in 2009-10. At 27 years old, he’s still young. In the right system and with the right line mates, he could score 20 again. But with his slight build, he’s never going to dominate the tough parts of the ice, just like Brunner.


images 3 Which 5 Unrestriced Free Agents Havent Signed?

Mikhail Grabovski

Was bought out of his contract in Toronto, where he didn’t seem to enjoy Randy Carlyle’s coaching style anyway. But before Carlyle, when Grabovski was used in a more offensive role, he scored 29 goals and 23 goals in 2010-11 and 2011-12, respectively. It has been mentioned  that the 29-year-old center as a potential match with the Washington Capitals. Will the Capitals make a move on Grabovski ?


images 5 Which 5 Unrestriced Free Agents Havent Signed?


Ron Hainsey

Of all the remaining UFAs, nobody averaged more time on the ice than Hainsey did last year. The 32-year-old defenseman logged 22:52 per game for the Jets. And while he didn’t score a goal, he did have 13 assists. There was reportedly plenty of interest in Hainsey during last week’s interview period, so we can assume he’ll get signed at some point this summer. (Even though he may have rubbed some owners the wrong way during the lockout.)


Now with these 5 NHL Stars still out there in the Free Agency Pond you know that someone is bound to make that first wave and we will be riding the surf of the second NHL Free Agency Frenzy. Don’t forget that goalie Tim Thomas is still fishing around and getting his feet wet in maybe returning to the NHL this upcoming season.

 Which 5 Unrestriced Free Agents Havent Signed?