Sean Taylor3 Will Sean Taylor’s family ever find peace in the loss they were dealt in 2007?As many will remember Sean Taylor, safety for the Washington Redskins was murdered in his Miami, Florida home on November 27th 2007 during a home invasion. Taylor was shot in the upper leg while protecting his young daughter and girlfriend from the intruders that fateful night. Sean Taylor never regained consciousness and then later died from massive blood loss due to the bullet causing damage to an artery.  All five suspects were arrested and charged with armed burglary and first-degree felony. One of the five suspects that were arrested accepted a plea bargain for a 29 year sentence in exchange for his testimony against the other four suspects.  While the arrests were made rather quickly and one suspect‘s fate already determined, that is where the swift hands of justice seem to stop moving. The original trial was scheduled for April 7, 2008 and has now been rescheduled for the 10th time to September 16th 2013. Almost six years after his murder and five years after the first scheduled trial it seems that there has been no further movement on the case. It is already known that the state of Florida does not have the death penalty so why the delay in what we already know is going to happen, all the defendants will be facing life continuing their existence as they already are. Sean Taylor showed so much bravery against the cowards that came into his home, when will the courts do their part and allow justice to be served for Taylor and his family find some measure of peace and finally be able to move on?

Prior to Sean Taylor’s death, he had been in and out of trouble seemingly being fined over and over. In a three year time span, Taylor was fined at least seven times. He would skip mandatory meetings, had uniform violations, fired his agent, and many other not so popular actions that led to further controversy.

The birth of Taylor’s daughter made him step up to the plate and take responsibility for his life. With this change in his outlook in life, Taylor finally began to show his true potential with the Redskins. When Taylor died he was tied for most interceptions with the National Football Conference. He was also second in the entire league even though he missed two consecutive weeks due to a knee injury. One December 18th 2007 Taylor was the first ever deceased player in NFL to be voted to a Pro Bowl. During that Pro Bowl, Sean Taylor’s jersey was worn by  Ethan Albright, Chris Cooley, and Chris Samuels to honor him

 Will Sean Taylor’s family ever find peace in the loss they were dealt in 2007?